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SIP-Address like

If you want to call other users and to be callable, you are best off with a 'human readable address' (SIP-Address), which in essence, looks just like an email address. The SIP-Address can be used by other users to call you. Similarly, you can use the SIP address of your friends and family to call them. For example, is the protocol (SIP) and address ( used to call the author of Ekiga.

Searchable adressbook using the LDAP technology maintains a database registering the users and may also provide a search feature using our Ekiga softphone.

Echo test number Audio and video

You can try your softphone dialing this number: It support audio and video.

Call Back test number Audio only

You can try if you are reachable from the world dialing this number: You will shorly be called by after dialing this Call Back test number. It support audio only.

Public conference room Audio only

This service is in charge of collecting all audio flux and mixing them before sending them back to the participants. Dial to enter the public room.

Create you own public or private conference room Audio only

Dial the (where x = any digits from 0 to 9). These rooms are public or private, anyone can join a conference at any time if he chooses the right number or you can protect the access with a PIN number. The first person to enter a 'room' may specify a PIN by entering a number (followed by #) to limit access to the conference room, just entering # will make this conference room public. When the last person leaves a conference room, the PIN will be cancelled and others may use the 'room'.

Peering Contacts users of other VoIP Service Providers

Peering is the term given to agreement between VoIP Service Providers which enables the users of one service to call users of another. This is implemented by dialing a special prefix number and then the number of the receipitant (on the 'other' service). users can use the SipBroker's White page prefixes to call anybody on other networks.